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On behalf of the Slovenian People I would like to say: we are very happy that you are interested
in our language and we greatly appreciate it because we believe that learning a new language
opens a whole new world and better understanding of the people and their culture.

Who speaks Slovenian and where?
- It is the national language of the Republic of Slovenia with around 2 million people
- Slovenian minorities in Austria, Italy and Hungary
- Slovenian immigrants in USA, Canada, South America and Australia

-Slovenian Language belongs to Slavic language family:
* Southern Slavic: It is close to Croatian and Serbian language
* Northern Slavic: It retained archaic proto-Slavic features and lexical characteristics like dual number and
genitive case in the negative form which indicate a grater age and strong relationship to north Slavic type
- There are from 50 and up to 200 dialects which also indicates its greater age
- Some words come from Germanic tribes, Romans, Celtic tribes and some are even older: mama, baba

It is grammatically complex - it has:
- 6 cases for nouns, adjectives and pronouns
- 3 genders and four verb tenses
- singular, plural and dual
- special endings for gender, numbers and different classes of nouns

- It has 25 letters
- Specialty: being s, c, z with a "little roof" - a small upside-down "v" on top of each, which indicates sh, ch, and
zh sounds.